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The Future of Geography by Tim Marshall

Spy satellites orbiting the Moon. Space metals worth billions. Humans on Mars within our lifetime. This isn't science fiction.


It's astropolitics. Space is already central to our lives on Earth, from communication and military strategy to international relations. Now, it is becoming the latest arena for human exploration, exploitation - and, possibly, conquest.


With China, the USA and Russia leading the way, we're heading up and out, and we're taking our power struggles with us. If you've ever wondered why humans are going back to the Moon, which countries will benefit most from space exploration, and if lasers on satellites will lead to space wars, the answers are here. As we enter a new age of the space race, this gripping book will help you understand how it will transform the future of global politics on Earth.


This is essential reading on power, politics and the future of humanity.

The Future of Geography by Tim Marshall

SKU: 9781783967247
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