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Material: Making and the Art of Transformation by Nick Kary

Through beautifully crafted writing filled with memorable makers , landscapes, stories and scenery, Material is a rich celebration of what it means to imagine and create using our hands.


In the age of computer-assisted design precision, mass production and digital living, traditional skills of the craftsperson or maker are hard to find. Yet the desire for well-made and beautiful objects from the hands - and minds - of skilled artisans is just as present today as it ever has been. Whether the medium is wood, metal, clay or something else, traditional makers are living links to the rich vein of knowledge and skills that defines our common human heritage.


In Material, craftsman Nick Kary explores what it means to be a maker, where the fluid creative act becomes manufacturing, and what it means to create in a world where consumers are disconnected from the creative and material process. He tells the stories of craftspeople, asking them why they make , and the challenge of making a living out of a practice that was once a necessity; and underlying his visits to meet fellow makers are the author s own reflections about what and who influenced him to value and make using materials from the earth for the past forty years.

Material: Making and the Art of Transformation by Nick Kary

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  • Chelsea Green

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