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the shrew review

To Cook a Bear

by Mikael Niemi

Paper Leaves Cutouts

the shrew review

The Sound Mirror
By Heidi James

The Sound Mirror is the latest novel from Heidi James, released by the small Yorkshire-based independent publisher Bluemoose late last year. It is a profound expression of the conflicts we find in our winding familial histories, our physical and emotional inheritance, and the resentments that can spring between generations. 


Beginning with the life of Tamara in the present, we first find her journeying to kill her mother - but nothing here is that simple. Told by the choral voices of her ancestors, Tamara's life appears rich in disappointment and past trauma, and the  parallel stories slowly reveal answers through a stream of injustices exacted on the women who came before her. 


Heidi James treats these women with a frank and occasionally wry intimacy, and the ghosts of their lost potential and broken families are a sinister threat on a low simmer throughout. It is a unique multi-generational journey, cleverly executed without ever feeling overwhelming, and is a perfect read in the weeks leading up to International Women's Day.



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