Hello Now by Jenny Valentine

An original love story from Carnegie-shortlisted author Jenny Valentine – for 12+ girls, boys, and everything in between.


This is more than one story, more than one Now. But I’ll tell it as best I can.


Me? I’m Jude – like the Patron Saint of lost causes.

Him? He’s Novo. Like nothing on earth. Literally.


In the beginning, before Novo showed up, my mum and me moved to the seaside. Then the first of July, 11.34am. Novo arrived. I was like an atom in his orbit. Alone with him, feeling the pull.


Suddenly in the moment, in the Now.


Then a terrible, unthinkable Now. One that could tear my family apart. But Nows can be undone, rewritten, changed.


Goodbye to life as I know it.
And Hello Now…

Hello Now by Jenny Valentine

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