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Every Seventh Wave by Tom Vowler

Every Seventh Wave has strong echoes of Fiona Mozley’s Elmet and Evie Wyld’s All the Birds, Singing. Strongly lyrical, the novel also serves as a literary thriller, with a suspenseful pace that builds to its redemptive finale. People-trafficking, fraternal love and violence are the fulcrum the novel turns on, the latter rippling outwards, sparing no one. Every Seventh Wave is a literary tale of the fates we tether ourselves to, how seemingly benign encounters can provoke both hope and devastation.


‘a stunning novel that walks a taut, fine line on one side of which is terror and on the other tenderness.’ - Wyl Menmuir


‘A moving and compelling story of love, loss and the possibility of redemption.’ - Ben Smith, author of Doggerland

Every Seventh Wave by Tom Vowler

SKU: 9781784632397
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