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Courting The Wild Twin by Martin Shaw

The business of stories is not enchantment.

 The Business of stories is not escape.

 The business of stories is waking up.


 Courting the Wild Twin is a book of literary activism—an antidote to the shallow thinking that typifies our age. It challenges us to wake up, to revive our ‘condition of wondering’ and examine our broken relationship with the world. We need to think boldly, wildly and in new ways about ourselves, as individuals and as a collective, to confront modern challenges with purpose, courage and creativity.


After all, stories are our secret weapons—and they might just save us.

 In Courting the Wild Twin, acclaimed scholar and mythologist Martin Shaw unravels two ancient European fairy tales concerning the mysterious ‘wild twin’ located deep inside all of us. By reading these tales and becoming storytellers ourselves, he challenges us to confront modern life with purpose, courage, and creativity.


 Shaw summons the reader to the ‘ragged edge of the dark wood’ to seek out this estranged, exiled self—the part we generally shun or ignore to conform to societal norms—and invite it back into our consciousness. If there was something we were meant to do with our few, brief years on Earth, we can be sure that our wild twin is holding the key.

Courting The Wild Twin by Martin Shaw

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